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Auto Trader-Car Dealer- Kar Plaza Tampa Florida - USA
Aventura Shopping Mall Florida - USA
Badger Meter Measurement - USA
Bakery Maison-Kayser-Tribeca New York 10013 - USA
Balco Architectural Products - USA
Bali-Hotel The-Mulia-Bali-Nusa-Dua (LHW) Indonesia
Baltimore - City of USA
Bangor - City of USA (Maine)
Battle Creek Unlimited - Business Success Recources - USA
Beacon Power Corp. - MA-01887 Wilmington - USA
Bealls Outlet Stores - USA
Beaver Creek-City in Colorado - USA
Birmingham-Country Living Hearst Magazine - USA
Bluemercury-Chain of luxury beauty product Stores - USA
Boca Raton - City in Florida - USA
Boeing Aerospace Company Seattle - USA
Boeing Tours-Show me Seattle -USA
Boise - City of USA
Boston-CDM Smith - Business Solutions - USA
Boston-City of USA (gov)
Boston-Gardner Museum - USA
Boston-Hotel Charles Cambridge - USA
Boston-Hotel Courtyard - USA
Boston-Hotel Four Seasons - USA
Boston-Hotel Marriott's Custom House - USA